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Ways to Contribute

Everyone Can Contribute to the Fight Against Alzheimer's

All contributions big and small are vital. Here are some other, important ways you can contribute:

$0Volunteer as a research subject
$0Volunteer your time helping patients and families in our Brain Health Learning Center
$0Tell others about our Program
$400Pay for 500 educational brochures
$550Support a single autopsy
$600Pay for one research MRI scan
$2000Sponsor a visiting professor lecture
$2500Pay for one research PET scan
$10,000 and upSponsor a named research fund
$20,000Purchase a -70 degree freezer with liquid nitrogen backup to store genetic samples
$40,000Support a conference on Alzheimer's disease for local practitioners
$50,000Support a one-year, exploratory neuropsychological study
$100,000Support a neuropsychology fellow for one year
$150,000Endow a visiting professorship
$250,000Support a one-year exploratory imaging study
$300,000Support a geriatric neurology fellow for two years
$500,000Install a brain PET scanner in our Cognitive Disorders Clinic
$2,000,000Endow a professorship in Alzheimer's and Dementia

Our Center was established in 2005 through a generous gift from an anonymous donor. Our continued operation depends in part on public resources, such as competitive grant funding and University support, but donations from private individuals are equally vital. These generous gifts allow us to sustain our Center's innovative design and to pursue new clinical and research goals.

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our recent donors.

How Can You Make a Difference?

Experts predict that the number of people diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease will increase 50% nation-wide by the year 2030. In Utah alone, they expect a 45% increase by the year 2010. Chances are, you or someone you know will be affected by Alzheimer's disease or by an equally devastating, but related dementia.

Although scientists know more now than ever before about these diseases, they still have much to learn. Through national and international collaborations, our Center is dedicated to discovering new and improved methods of treating Alzheimer's and related diseases. Your contributions can help us reach our goals.

Ways to Give Now

Mail Your Gift

To mail a gift directly to the Alzheimer's Center, print and complete this form. All gifts to the Alzheimer's Center are tax deductible.

Contribute Online

Visit the University of Utah Health Hospital Foundation online at Choose “other designation” under “select project” and then write in: Alzheimer’s Research.

Contact Us for More Information

To discuss other ways to give, please call our Center at (801) 585-6546.