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Education: Postdoctoral Students

Opportunities for Postdoctoral Students

  • Elective Rotation in Cognitive Disorders

    Elective rotations in the subspecialty Cognitive Disorders Clinic are available through the Center for Alzheimer's Care, Imaging and Research (CACIR).

    The elective rotation is typically one to six months and is open to Neurology, Psychiatry and Geriatrics residents or fellows. The rotation can be full- or part-time and tailored to meet the educational objectives of the trainee, with approval of the elective director. The elective is offered to up to 2 clinical and 2 research trainees at a time. Priority will be given to trainees who commit to rotations that are full-time and longer than a month. Neurology residents at the University of Utah also receive priority for available positions.

    To arrange an elective rotation, trainees should first contact their program director to discuss their training plans. If the Elective in Cognitive Disorders seems appropriate, please contact or call 801-587-7236 to determine position availability and arrange a time to discuss your interest with the Elective Director.

  • Suggested Readings for Cognitive Disorders

    Our faculty have compiled an extensive list of key references and suggested readings for trainees interested in Cognitive Disorders. To download the list, click here.

    To download an annotated bibliography for genetic counseling students, compiled by Megan Bell during her 2010 elective rotation, please click here.

  • Online Event Calendars (Including CE/CME)

    The University of Utah Center on Aging unites aging-related research, education, and clinical programs. By linking its faculty and programs, the Center synergizes the growth and progress of interdisciplinary research and supports the development of multidisciplinary clinical and training programs. To view the Center on Aging Events Calendar, which includes CE courses, please visit or click here.

    The Brain Institute at the University of Utah also sponsors ongoing Neurosciences seminars and CE Events. To learn more about the Brain Institute and sponsored events, please visit