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Data Resource Center

The Data Resource Center (DRC) is a division of Information Technology Services that provides data services and system integration support to all Health Sciences Center organizations as well as affiliated main campus entities. We work to support all of the HSC missions-research, clinical, academic, and service-and to leverage the ongoing investment in institutional data collections.

What is the Enterprise Data Warehouse?

The enterprise data warehouse is an enterprise level data repository specifically structured for all levels of data analysis and reporting of health care data. The enterprise data warehouse contains integrated data extracted from many of the institution's disparate source systems. This allows for analysis across financial, clinical and research data marts.   Read more...

Who are our Customers?

Our customers include hospital Clinicians, Financial Analysts, Educators, Researchers and Students.   Read More...

What can the DRC do for you?

Whether you are just starting a project, or have been building and managing databases for years, we provide some core services that can help you maximize your time and efforts, and raise your data services to an enterprise level. We can:

  • Help you create and manage your own databases
  • Help you acquire and use existing institutional data
  • Provide reporting and decision support tools
  • Host your stand-alone database in a secure, robust environment
  • Walk you through data approval processes


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