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Our Customers

Who uses the DRC?

Clinicians & Financial Analysts

Until recently, our primary customers have been hospital Clinicians & Financial Analysts, who rely on current and historical data (8+ years) in our enterprise data warehouse to support their business and operational processes, including

  • quality assurance and operational outcome studies,
  • patient referral rate tracking
  • and financial trending, to name just a few.

Students & Educators

More recently, our enterprise data warehouse has been discovered by Students & Educators, who use de-identified medical data as a "living textbook" for clinical education. The DRC also serves as a laboratory for Medical Informatics students, as they learn to build data and systems in support of healthcare administration.


We are now seeing more researchers take advantage of our services, as we help them build, manage, and host specialized databases for research studies, and walk them through the process of data access approval. Behind the scenes we continue to offer system integration services and database hosting to core ITS and HSC application developers.

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