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We can...

Help you create and manage your own databases.

The DRC can help you convert your existing stand-alone system into enterprise-level data structures and create online web forms for gathering and managing the data you have gathered. The DRC team can also facilitate access to approved data repositories for use by your own web developers through a secure, standard, object layer.

Help you acquire and use existing institutional data.

If you have a business need to analyze or use data that may have already been gathered at an institutional level, we can help you identify existing approved "open" sources and deliver the data to you in a number of compatible file formats.

Provide reporting and decision support tools.

The real power of our data repositories lies in the tools used to analyze and summarize the data. DRC provides robust online tools through the web via Cognos Upfront. Upfront allows access to Cognos Query, PowerPlay and Impromptu for dynamic data analysis, reporting, and decision support. We also provide training so you can use the tools most effectively. After your analysis work is done, the Cognos suite allows you to create standard reports for online distribution to other authorized users through easy web interfaces, which maximizes your efforts and expedites results delivery.

Host your stand-alone database in a secure, robust environment.

Perhaps your database does not need to interface with other data, or is in a format now that suits your needs. But if limited staffing has you concerned about enterprise-level services such as security or backup and recovery, you may want to take advantage of our hosting service, which provides you with a robust, secure environment where your database can live. We respect the ownership, privacy, and access concerns of individual database owners, and have policies in place to protect your data resources.

Walk you through data approval processes.

As you may have experienced, data access approval processes can be difficult or time-consuming. Our experienced staff can give you information before you begin and help you each step of the way. We can also help you understand and accommodate requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and what that means to you as you use or distribute your data.

If you have special needs that are not listed here, our team can help you find the right provider or resource. For more information about the Data Resource Center, please contact us.

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