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About the Data Resource Center

While the name "Data Resource Center" is new, our data management team has been around for years, working behind the scenes to manage and protect our institutional data...often referred to as the "enterprise data warehouse."

What exactly is the Enterprise Data Warehouse?

In general terms, the data warehouse is a collection of databases that contain both day-to-day "operational" data needed to support our critical clinical systems (like electronic medical records and patient billing information), and historical data that in some cases has been aggregated for general informational purposes (like patient demographics). Specifically, the data warehouse contains:

Patient and Visit Data

  • 1.4 million patient demographic records
  • Physician scheduling data from 8/8/1990 - present
  • Hospital registration and visit data from 1994 - present

Clinical Data

  • ARUP Clinical Lab results from 10/1993 - present (General Lab, Microbiology and Pathology)
  • Radiology results from 1995
  • Blood gas results from 1995
  • Pharmacy orders and Cabinet Dispense information from 3/1999 - present
  • Pharmacy Height and Weight data 3/1999 - present
  • Community Clinic EMR data from 5/10/2000 for currently open clinics.
  • Ogden Community Clinic from 1995 - 2000
  • Inpatient hospital based operative reports and discharge summaries 1995 - present
  • CEM Alerts
  • Outpatient Documentation (clinic notes, medications, problems, allergies) 1996 - Present

  •         BMT
            Sugarhouse Clinic
            Infectious Disease Clinic
            Rheumatology Clinic 1994 - present
            Wasatch Internal Medicine Clinic 1990-1998
            Certain providers which chose to use ACIS 1995 - present

Financial Data

  • Allegra financial data from 7/1999 - present
  • IDX professional billing data 8/1990
  • IDX Physician ICD9 diagnosis and CPT4 procedure data from 8/1990
  • Hospital ICD9 diagnosis and CPT4 procedure coded data
  • Hospital direct and indirect cost data

Data is captured by various computer systems on a daily basis, primarily through operational processes reflected above (for example, new patients are admitted), though data is also captured as a result of ongoing research projects. The mechanisms for data acquisition include:

  • Real-time HL7 feed from source systems
  • Nightly batch loads from custom flat file definitions
  • Historical batch loads done on a periodic basis (Quarter, month, etc.)

Approximately 90% (by volume) of the data stored in the Data Warehouse is received via the real-time feed and nightly batch loads; the historical loads are used primarily for capturing data from ancillary or proprietary systems where data is only available from a semi-manual fashion (e.g. Historical ICD9 information from HDM).

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