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The primary method for data delivery used by the Data Resource Center is Cognos Upfront. Cognos Upfront is a web application that allows secure access to a number of different types of reporting and analysis. The key areas are:


Many data sets in the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) cover long periods of time (10 years) and can include 100 million rows of data or more. Traditional reporting generates a static report on paper or on the screen which was programmatically created and can take many, many hours to run. Any additional measures or questions require editing the report and running the entire report again.

A key desire of many data analysis projects is the ability to look at large datasets quickly and from multiple angles based on different metrics or measures without waiting hours for each report run. For example, analyzing a key financial data set by its original FSC code and posting period may be useful. On the other hand, the ability to "on-the-fly" look at that same data set based upon charge amount verses adjustments verses payments or any other combination of key measures turn the data more into actionable information (without the long turn-around of running a custom report for each measure of interest). Clinical data analysis can benefit as well from dynamic data analysis (e.g. looking at a dataset based on multiple outcomes measures). The term that refers to a powerplay dynamic data set is a "cube."


Dynamic data set analysis via PowerPlay is extremely powerful for data analysis; however, there are certain information needs which require consistent data formatting and presentation. Impromptu allows the delivery of data in a consistent layout in different file formats (e.g. Adobe PDF format, Microsoft Excel, standard comma delimited format). These reports can be scheduled to run at off hours or as needed.


Sometimes those doing data analysis need to build queries based on the raw data rather than standard formatted reports or aggregate/dynamic PowerPlay cubes.

Cognos Query allows users to see whatever data elements they have approval or security to see. The organization of elements and the filters applied to the data sets are completely customizable on the web within the Query application.

Additional Tools

The tools for development and enhancement of data analysis from the Data Resource Center are various and robust. Those with specific interest are encouraged to call and sit down with our EDW experts for a more thorough treatment of these topics. 587-6008.

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