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Contact Information

University Hospitals & Clinics
650 Komas Drive, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108
Phone: 801-587-6023
Fax: 801-585-1605
Email: heidi.m.thompson@hsc.utah.edu

Satellite Office located at
University of Utah Hospital and Clinics
50 North Medical Drive - AA218 SoM
Salt Lake City, Utah 84132

Medical Staff Office

Name Title Phone Number
Heidi Thompson Medical Staff Manager 801-587-6026
Kitty Lindsay Credentialing Specialist 801-587-6020
Donna Lucero Credentialing Specialist 801-587-6022
Michelle Christensen Credentialing Specialist 801- 587-6021
April Cooke Credentialing Specialist 801-587-6023
Jeff Carter Credentialing Specialist 801-587-6024
Donna Bott Credentialing Specialist 801-587-6025
Jerald Thompson Credentialing Specialist 801-587-6029

Credentialing Contacts by Department

Department Contact Phone Number
Andrology Brooke Nichols 801-581-3740
Anesthesiology Jeff Mann 801-581-6393
Dentists Nancy Comarell 801-585-6485
Dermatology Amanda Wallace 801-585-1264
Family and Preventative Medicine Nikki McCorristin 801-581-7234
Internal Medicine Sonya 801-581-7907
Neurology Rebecca Glasheen 801-585-2886
Neurosurgery Lanette Dunbar 801-581-6908
Obstetrics and Gynecology Renee Chase 801-585-0067
Ophthalmology Susan Brown 801-585-6622
Orthopedic Surgery Becky Neilson 801-587-5404
Pathology Allison Boyer 801-585-6217
Pediatrics Shauna Maxwell 801-213-3469
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Ann Gibbons 801-581-7985
Psychiatry and Psychology (UHosp) Barbara Young 801-581-4888
Psychiatry and Psychology (UNI) Jeff Carter 801-587-6024
Radiation Oncology Evelyn Wells 801-581-8793
Radiology Neuroradiology Nuclear Med. Kathy Bishop 801-581-8699
Surgery Lisa Marley 801-581-7304

University Offices Involved with Credentialing Process

Department Contact Phone Number
Dean’s Office (Insurance) Wendy Kwan 801-585-6122
Faculty Office Piikea 801-581-5705
Graduate Medical Education Alan Smith 801-581-2401
Risk Management Lucille Steed 801-581-2031
Provider Enrollment Michelle Day 801-587-6470
Provider Enrollment Willow Maudsley 801-587-6520
Provider Enrollment Elizabeth Ringwood 801-587-6524
Community Clinics Enrollment Lindsay Emmett 801-587-6457
Community Clinic Credentialing Coordinator Paulette Alford 801-587-6308

University Affiliates with Medical Staff Privileges

Entity Contact Phone Number
University Neuropsychiatric Inst. Jeff Carter 801-587-6024
Community Clinics Paulette Alford 801-587-6308