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Terms & Definitions


Approval bodies: Credentialing Committee, Medical Board and Hospital Board


Bylaws: Governing documents for the self-governing medical staff at the University of Utah.


Credentialing: The process of primary source verified and approved. Verifying an applicants education, training and competence.


Faculty Appointment: Correlated through the Faculty Office. This office grants the academic appointment.. A faculty appointment must be granted for a practitioner to hold privileges at any of the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics.


MSO: The Medical Staff Office provides support to the medical staff and processes all applications for credentialing and privileging at the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics as well as the credentialing for the UUMP delegated health care plans.


PPM Form: Provider Performed Miscoscopy waived testing is collected by the MSO for hospital compliance with CLIA certification.

Pharmacy Form: Collected by the MSO for the Pharmacy Department for documentation of signature.

Primary Source Verification: Joint Commission,CMS and NCQA require primary source verification from the primary source of information on the application. For more information refer to the application process.

Privilege Delineation: Privileges granted by the Hospital Board to qualified practitioners..


Reappointment: Required every two years after the initial appointment by Joint Commission and CMS.

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