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Tips Texted To Your Cell Phone

       Common Calls Involve:
       * medicine (ibuprofen)
       * cough syrup
       * bleach
       * dish soap
       * toothpaste
       * deodorant
       * vitamins
       * supplements
       * diaper rash cream
       * bug bites

Utah Poison Control Center

Call 1-800-222-1222 now with poisoning questions

    The Utah Poison Control Center is a 24-hour resource for poison information and education.
    Calling the Utah Poison Control Center is free and private.

Concentrated Laundry Detergent Packets

concentrated laundry detergent packets

If you use highly concentrated liquid laundry detergent that comes in small packets, you’ll
want to heed this warning from the experts at
the Utah Poison Control Center. Always keep
these locked up and out of the reach of kids!

*** Alert ***
New Infant Acetaminophen Formulation

New Infant Acetaminophen Formulation

The amount of acetaminophen in infant products has recently changed. Both old and new formulations may be on store shelves temporarily. Carefully read the label and use both age and weight to find the correct dose for your child. For questions about acetaminophen dosing, call your healthcare provider, pharmacist, or local poison control center.

New Public Newsletter - Poison Antidote

Open tube of Ointment

Check out our public newsletter "Poison Antidote". It offers timely advice and tips to help protect you and your family. The Spring 2013 newsletter discusses Topical Products and Cinnamon Challenge. Poison Antidote Newsletter

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