We encourage all MSI users to check the web site of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the University of Utah regarding regulations for human research and forms for application and consent etc. It is the PIs responsibility to conduct his research according to the rules and regulations. MSI scans are only permitted with valid IRB approval. A copy of the IRB approval is required to be submitted to UUMSI before starting a research project.

A MSI/MEG scan is a completely non-invasive method - in comparison a MRI scan might be more invasive due to exposure to very strong magnetic fields. But one need to consider that some stimulation methods used during a MEG scan might cause slight temporary discomfort, for example the electrical stimulation of median nerves.

Below you find some links to text templates which might be useful in preparing an IRB application for research. Be aware that these templates are not valid IRB approved documents!

We recommend that you contact us before submitting a IRB application for MEG research to discuss feasibility and potential risk of a MSI/MEG study design.