The MSI Research Steering Committee will help determine the most efficient use of the research funds over the next three years. The steering committee consists of four members:

  • Janet Lainhart, MD., Department of Psychiatry,
  • Tom Parks, Ph.D., Chairman of the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy,
  • Tawnya Constantino, MD., Department of Neurology,
  • Sarah Creem-Regehr, Ph.D., Department of Psychology.


If you intend to submit a MSI research proposal we highly recommend consulting the MSI core team before. This way we can help to discuss practical, technical and other questions so that they will be appropriately addressed in your proposal. We recommend also submitting your IRB proposal in parallel with your MSI research proposal. Only if you have both the IRB approval and the MSI proposal approved you can begin your MSI study.


The goal is to fund start-up proposals that will lead to the generation of long-term extramural funding. Under the guidelines of the program, basic and clinical research is supported, with an emphasis on scientific investigation relevant to diseases, disorders, and cognitive mechanisms in infants and adults.

Innovative science will be given a high priority in the evaluation process. Applicants must have a faculty appointment, either as clinical, research, or tenure. Young investigators who wish to apply are urged to seek significant participation by more senior investigators.

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An important goal of this process is to provide funds to help establish an independent MSI research program with a goal of attracting extramural funding. Long-term support of a given project or investigator is not available. Final funding decisions will be based on the scientific relevance to the programmatic goals of the MEG research funds.

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Review Process

The review process consists of: (1) Invitation to submit proposals. (2) Review of proposals and addenda (as listed below under Application). (3) Recommendation to Senior Vice President of Health Sciences those projects selected to be funded. (4) Notification of principal investigators of granted proposals. The total process, from invitation to submit through funding, takes approximately three months.

All proposals are reviewed by the MSI Steering Committee, Chaired by Janet Lainhart MD (Psychiatry), and Committee Members: Thomas Parks PhD (Neurobiology and Anatomy), Tawnya Constantino MD (Neurology), Sarah Creem-Regehr PhD (Psychology). Proposals should be sufficiently concise and clear to be understood by members without special knowledge of the applicant's work. Suggestions for possible reviewers with suitable expertise to offer fair and critical assessment of the proposed work will be considered.

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Review Criteria

(1) Scientific merit of the research. (2) Likelihood the proposed studies will lead to peer-reviewed extramural funding. (3) Feasibility of completing the project in the proposed time period. (4) Adherence to allowable budget items.

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The application is to be submitted as an email attachment in Microsoft Word format. The application will consist of the (1) Application Form, (2) Proposal (4 pages maximum), (3) Principal Investigator's Biographical Sketch (use NIH format and limit to two pages), (4) Budget Justification and (5) List of Other Current or Pending Support. The proposal form is available electronically in Microsoft Word format (at UUMSI web page when available) and must be submitted to Michael Funke (

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Timetable (Preliminary)

The next steering committee meeting is being scheduled. Please feel free to contactUUMSI if you would like to discuss a research proposal.


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Questions / Contact

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