Using the System

Basic MSI Laboratory Information

Working in the MSI Laboratory - Guidelines

Basic MSI Laboratory Information Basic MSI Laboratory Information

Location and Contact Information

The MSI lab is part of the Center for Advanced Medical Technologies (Research Park,).

Our address is:

University of Utah Magnetic Source Imaging
729 Arapeen Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108
Phone (801) 585-6840 Fax (801) 581-3222

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User Accounts

A MSI Access Request Form must be filled out to establish a user account. Filling out this request will initiate the process of establishing a user account ID and password. The account ID and password will give you access to the MEG Core Facility data storage system. All requests must be sent to Myles Reilly. The account ID information will be emailed to the e-mail address provided in the MSI Access Request Form generally within 24 hours, if not please contact the MSI lab at (801) 585-6840.

Established users with new protocols will be required to complete a "new" MSI Access Request for each new protocol indicating the new protocol number.

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MSI Orientation / Lab Tour

Users must schedule/attend an informal MEG orientation / tour to become familiar with the lab operations and equipment.

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User Training

There is a three step training program so that new users can acquire experience and become competent at operating MEG equipment.

    1. Instruction (without a subject) - MEG setup instruction and equipment operation.
    2. Observation (with a subject) - instruction and observation of MEG setup and scan.
    3. Practice - hands on training session running a subject during a MEG scan.

Users should provide their own subject. Remember, all subjects must be consented according to IRB guidelines.

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Scan Time Signup

All time requests for the MEG/EEG scan time, lab tour and user training are to be submitted electronically to Myles Reilly.

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Scanner Log Book

Users are responsible for signing in the User Log Book. Subject information and all other pertinent information must be filled out in the log book, i.e., date, PI name, operator's initials, protocol, subject's initials.

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Malfunction Reporting

Users will be responsible for reporting any functional anomaly of the system complications, incidents, or problems that occurs involving a subject, equipment or the facility via the Malfunction Report Form.

Any equipment failure or equipment that is inoperable, defective or broken should be tagged with a "Out of Service / Do Not Use" sticker indicating the date and time taken out of service. Also include your name, phone number and a brief description of the problem.

Users may provide suggestions or general feedback to the MEG staff via the Malfunction Report Form. If you have suggestions or ideas about how we can improve our process please let us know. The MSI Core staff will consider all recommendations and provide users with timely feedback.

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Reference and Instruction Manuals

Vectorview's manuals can be found on the shelving in the MEG suite (# 150), the MSI Analysis room (# 1154) as well as on our website as pdfs. The stimulus system manuals can also be found in the MEG suite. Tech support will be available to all new users, but please familiarize yourself with the stimulus and Vectorview manuals before beginning any scans.

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