What is UUMSI?
University of Utah Magnetic Source Imaging (UUMSI) is a university-wide resource for Magnetic Source Imaging (MEG) research and clinical applications. The University of Utah has availible all high-end functional imaging systems (MEG, 3T fMRI, PET) as well as a cyclotron which facilitates recruitment of world-class experts in cognitive neuroscience, and enhances the capabilities of clinical departments highly dependent on functional brain imaging.


The goals of UUMSI are to meet institutional and community needs in the following areas:

1. Clinical Care
Provide clinical services to the University of Utah departments of neurosurgery, neurology, and pediatrics, Primary Children's Medical Center and other health care providers in Utah and the Intermountain West.

2. Clinical Research
Provide research support to the University of Utah departments of neurosurgery, neurology, and pediatrics including projects to advance MSI technology based on applications of cognitive neuroscience, physics, and mathematics. Research will include new MSI technologies to address specific medical questions.

3. Basic and Applied Research
Provide technical and research support including set-up, data acquisition, and advanced data analysis.

4. Education and Training
Provide research and education support for medical students, residents, fellows, post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduate students from academic departments.


UUMSI provides the infrastructure to achieve the above described goals. Collaborative working groups develop between departments with similar research interests, combining Ph.D. and M.D. principal investigators. These working groups develop and maintain successful, peer-reviewed and funded research projects that produce cutting-edge neuroscience research at the University of Utah.

UUMSI currently has the clinical expertise for epilepsy diagnostics and functional brain mapping. UUMSI provides technical set-up, data acquisition and analysis in clinical research and other university projects. UUMSI provides coordination and supervision of all MSI/MEG studies.

UUMSI is a shared resource available to all scientists and clinicians for clinical neuroscience research applications. UUMSI is managed and maintained by a small core team that provide MEG system scheduling, data acquisition and analysis, patient/subject care, set-up and technical support.

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